English 400 Reading Programme

Prepared by the Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages, Hyderabad, the English 400 Reading Programme

  • is a mini portable library for learners of English and is specifically designed to help children read independently and at their own pace.
  • It provides learners with plenty of reading practice especially in the initial stages of learning.
  • This set of carefully graded Reading Cards has
  • 2 boxes of 250 cards each.
  • Level 1 to V and  Level VI to X.
  • 50 cards at each level.
  • a difficulty level ranging from low to high.
  • a  story or passage + glossary + comprehension and  vocabulary questions.
  • The wide variety of reading texts introduces the child to the pleasures of reading and helps him  realise that reading at different levels and speeds is natural.

The material of English 400 is packed in two portable boxes. Each box contains:
• 250 graded Reading cards     • Placement tests   
• Answer keys    • Teacher’s booklets


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